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A Video Series on
Conversational Styles

2 DVDs, also in VHS (NTSC, PAL available)
(108 total minutes)
Susan Steinbach, Producer/Director

At last--the videos you have been waiting for! Cultural information combined with functional oral skill building allowing ESL/EFL students to "break the code" on global communicative styles. Viewers report that Fluent American English improves cross-cultural understanding in multinational classes and teaches students to "style switch" based upon the context they find themselves in. Designed for intermediate to advanced college/adult language learners (at 450 or higher on the TOEFL), Intensive English Programs, ESL/EFL educators, linguistics departments, corporate training settings, international agencies, multicultural trainers, etc.Fluent American English can be used as a core text in an advanced speaking skills class, as a reference tool in language laboratories, for self-study, and for workplace training. 

The Conversational style inventory is an assessment tool that calculates individual communicative style preference and measures capacity for comfort and compatibility with other global styles. A 20-question format, it comes with a scoring rubric and bar graph charts for easy classroom or workshop posting. Suggested for use prior to viewing videos. Evokes animated discussions. 

"Conversational Styles around the Globe" (Part one video) uses the metaphor of three popular sports to highlight differences in pacing, topic changes, interruptions, body language, level of participation, turn taking, overlapping, and rapport among speakers around the world. Contrasting communicative styles are analyzed on film using the classic values clarification activity of Alligator River.

Conversational Style in the U.S.A." (Parts Two A and B video) take advanced ESL/EFL students through 12 functional steps to learning the conversational style of American English (represented by the sport of basketball). Steps include: interrupting politely, asking the right questions, using a hesitation techniques, using backchanneling, understanding body language, being direct, etc.



Cross Cultural Adjustment

DVD, or VHS (NTSC, PAL available)
(38 minutes)
Susan Steinbach, Producer/Director
An enlightening video highlighting the stories of more than a dozen international students and business people whose unique position in crossing cultures provides a bird's-eye view of adjustment to life in the United States. Culture shock, personal change, teaching styles, homesickness, and predeparture expectations are covered.



An International View

DVD, or VHS (NTSC, PAL available) or
(23 minutes)
Susan Steinbach, Producer/Director

Body Language

Highlights gestures, facial expressions and nuances in body language across cultures. Include quiz sections to test your familiarity with gestures. Designed for intercultural training programs, Intensive English Programs, EFL classes, teacher training and workplace training. The film takes a humorous yet informative look at a variety of global styles in nonverbal communication.



(PAL available)
(38 minutes)
Susan Steinbach, Producer/Director

Appropriate for:

Workplace/Business English communications

  • International Medical and Legal Professionals
  • International Teaching and Research Assistants
  • Academic presenters, University professors
  • NGO directors and diplomatic envoys
  • International conference or symposium presenters


This video is designed for non-native speakers of English who need practice in pitch, intonation, voice projection, syllable stress, pronouncing numbers and percentages correctly. Tips are given for connecting with a Western audience, such as:

  • using appropriate facial expressions, eye contact and body language
  • using a microphone and a podium to the best advantage
  • using notes or presentation software such as PowerPoint
  • creating ‘catchy’ titles to attract the attention of your audience
  • dealing with stagefright

Building confidence in a second language is emphasized throughout the video, which ends with an informative speech modeling the skills taught.



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